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Conference Paper


IET Conference Publications, Institution of Engineering and Technology, Volume 2012, Number CP652, p.61-65 (2012)



Conduction loss, DC motors, Dc servomotors, Power efficient, power supply, Prototype models, Push-pull converters, Robotic applications, Robotics, Switching, Zero voltage switching


<p>Robots require compact, power efficient and regulated power supplies for their efficient operation. This paper deals with the problem of developing such a power supply. A single-output zero voltage switching pushpull converter with low switching and conduction losses for robotic applications has been presented in this paper. The proposed converter is designed for outputs of 5 V/1 A with a switching frequency of 50 KHz. A prototype model of this converter is developed and was used to power a dc servo motor of 5V/1A/0.5Nm/950rpm. The results obtained from the experimental set-up are presented and analysed in detail. The results reveal the superiority of the proposed method.</p>


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Dr. K. Deepa, Jeyanthi, R., and M Kumar, V., “Efficient and compact power supply for robotic application”, in IET Conference Publications, 2012, vol. 2012, pp. 61-65.