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Conference Paper


Distributed Computing and Internet Technology, Springer International Publishing, Cham (2020)





The emergence of Distributed Ledger systems has made us rethink things that are possible to be digitized. A lot of tedious man labour requiring systems can be converted to digital systems for various benefits. With this new technology, we have a new means to record transactions and the system inherently preserves the integrity of it. With these benefits, we could design systems that primarily deal with transactions in ease. In this paper, we have discussed the advantages of using a distributed ledger system for performing transactions and propose and implement a buyer-seller protocol for land transactions to show the advantages of using this system.

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Dr. Priyanka Kumar, Dhanush G. A., Srivatsa D., S. Nithin Aakash, and S. Sahisnu, “An Efficient and Novel Buyer and Seller’s Distributed Ledger Based Protocol Using Smart Contracts”, in Distributed Computing and Internet Technology, Cham, 2020.