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Book Chapter


Springer India, New Delhi, p.61–70 (2014)





The process of informing the current location of a mobile device to its home network after moving to another network is called a location update or registration in mobile IP networks. This process must be secured as the registration messages can be intercepted and falsified by an intruder. The security provided must also have minimal registration latency, as both are directly proportional. Therefore, it is necessary to design a registration with balanced effort between security and registration latency. Hence, this chapter deals with a new proposal to balance both using fractal-based scheme, which is a substitute to conventional number theory-based schemes. The security properties of the proposed protocol are evaluated and validated using a model checker AVISPA. The performance analysis of the proposed protocol and comparison of numerical results with existing protocols shows that our protocol surpasses the existing protocols in terms of balanced security and registration latency.

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Senthil Kumar Mathi and Valarmathi, M. L., “An Efficient and Secure Location Update Protocol Using Fractal Based Public keys in Mobile IP Networks”, B. Elijah Rajsingh, Bhojan, A., and Peter, D. J. New Delhi: Springer India, 2014, pp. 61–70.