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ACE 2010 - 2010 International Conference on Advances in Computer Engineering, Bangalore, p.363-365 (2010)





Compression ratios, Data hiding, Diamonds, DWPT, Embedding method, Encoding (symbols), Genetic programming, Genetic programs, Image compression, Image quality, Image reconstruction, Image restoration, MLM neural network, Morphological neural networks, Multimedia communication, Multimedia systems, Neural networks, Quality levels, Restoration, Secret data, Security of data, Steganographic schemes, Wavelet domain


A novel steganographic scheme is proposed. For image compression, wavelets and genetic programming is used. This image compression is build upon the DWPT to shorten the image, and to provide better quality levels at better compression ratios. Quantizing an image in the wavelet domain allows for easier evolution of genetic programs without sacrificing much in terms of image quality. Diamond Encoding is a new concept of data hiding used here. The Diamond Encoding provides an easy way to produce a more perceptible result than those yielded by other embedding methods. This method is capable of hiding more secret data while keeping the stego image quality degradation imperceptible. In this paper, image restoration is also done using morphological neural network to provide better performance. © 2010 IEEE.


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G. T. Kumar, Sasidharan, S., Karthikha, N., Sherly, A. P., and Avani, Y., “An efficient embedding and restoration steganographic scheme for secure multimedia communication”, in ACE 2010 - 2010 International Conference on Advances in Computer Engineering, Bangalore, 2010, pp. 363-365.