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Progress in Electromagnetics Research Letters, Electromagnetics Academy, Volume 76, p.55-61 (2018)



Circular waveguides, Computation theory, Computationally efficient, Dielectric materials, Electromagnetic interactions, integration, Integration method, Layered dielectric structure, Layered dielectrics, Non destructive evaluation, Nondestructive examination, Open-ended circular waveguides, Plane wave spectrum


This article presents a new method for studying the near-field electromagnetic interaction between a dielectric filled open ended circular waveguide (OECW) and a layered dielectric structure. The proposed model is based on plane wave spectrum theory using a novel and computationally efficient two step integration method. The first integral, involving multiple singularities in the integration path, is efficiently solved using a deformed elliptical integration path which encircles the singularities of the integral. The infinite domain tail integral involving the slowly converging integrand is further solved using an efficient trigonometric transformation. The proposed OECW based method is capable of determining the unknown material properties of any layered dielectric medium, and hence finds application in nondestructive evaluation of materials. © 2018, Electromagnetics Academy. All rights reserved.


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Parul Mathur, Dr. Dhanesh G. Kurup, M. D. Perez, S R M Shah, J. Velander, and R. Augustine, “An efficient method for computing the interaction of open ended circular waveguide with a layered media”, Progress in Electromagnetics Research Letters, vol. 76, pp. 55-61, 2018.