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Conference Paper


2018 4th International Conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT), IEEE, Mangalore, India, India (2018)



ac-dc source-batteries, Direct current (DC), efficient resonant transmitter, electric vehicle, Electric Vehicle (EV), Electric vehicle charging, Electric vehicles, EV charging system, full wave rectifier, half wave rectifier, Inductive charging, Inductive power transfer, Inductive power transfer (IPT), Inductive power transmission, MATLAB, Matlab simulations, power transfer, Receivers, Rectifiers, rectifying circuits, single stage boost rectifier circuit, Topology, Transmitters, Wireless power transfer, Wireless power transfer (WPT)


In this new advanced technology, inductive power transfer can supply power from ac/dc source to batteries without the use of wired connections. The half wave or full wave rectifier with boost circuit at the receiver side leads to the insufficient power transfer at the load side. So single stage boost rectifier circuit is used as an alternative, which is efficient and compact. This paper presents the comparison of three topology with single stage boost rectifier circuit. Matlab simulations of output voltage and current are analysed and the topology best suited for dynamic power transfer in EV charging system is discussed with necessary results.

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S. Sasikumar and Dr. K. Deepa, “An Efficient Resonant Transmitter with Single Stage Boost Receiver Topology for Wireless Power Transfer in Electric Vehicle”, in 2018 4th International Conference for Convergence in Technology (I2CT), Mangalore, India, India, 2018.