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Journal Article


Journal of Green Engineering, Volume 10, p.24-61 (2020)



Battery behavior prognostic is an important concern in most of the applications especially in electric vehicles which are using lithium ion batteries. Battery performance estimation methods will improve the life span by preventing over-discharge and overcharge, yielding increased battery life. It allows the battery user to make out the available energy in the battery stack. Therefore an accurate, easy to use battery model should be established to estimate the battery parameters. In this paper five important lithium-ion battery models such as Empirical, Equivalent circuit, Electro chemical, Reduced-order and Data driven models are discussed based on the State of charge estimation and compared along with their advantages and disadvantages. Battery model parameters are obtained by using Electro-chemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) test and the implementation details are presented.

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T. Duraisamy and Dr. K. Deepa, “Electric Vehicle Battery Modelling Methods Based on State of Charge-Review”, Journal of Green Engineering, vol. 10, pp. 24-61, 2020.