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Volume US5865984 A, Number US 08/885,608 (1999)



Disclosed is an electrochemical etching apparatus including a fixture for holding a workpiece; a nozzle, positioned opposite the fixture and facing the workpiece, for impinging an etchant onto the workpiece; and an electrode for applying a voltage between the electrode and the workpiece; wherein, in operation, one of the fixture and nozzle are rotated and the nozzle is moved radially outwardly so that the workpiece is spirally etched. Also disclosed is a method of spirally etching a workpiece.

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W. E. Corbin Jr, Dr. Madhav Datta, Dinan, T. E., and Kern, F. W., “Electrochemical etching apparatus and method for spirally etching a workpiece”, U.S. Patent US 08/885,6081999.