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Volume US5284554 A, Number US 07/819,310 (1994)



The present invention describes a high speed, high precision electrochemical micromachining tool, chemical solution and method for the one sided through-mask micropatterning of conducting foils and films supported by insulating material. The tool of the present invention can include either a movable plate means allowing for the movement of the workpiece to and fro above the cathode assembly, or a movable cathode assembly means allowing for the movement of said cathode assembly to and fro beneath the workpiece. Said cathode assembly also consists of a nozzle assembly from which the electrolytic solution emerges as electrolytic shower and impinges upon the workpiece. Methods to resolve the problems related to the loss of electrical contact during the electrochemical micromachining process are also described.

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Dr. Madhav Datta and Romankiw, L. T., “Electrochemical micromachining tool and process for through-mask patterning of thin metallic films supported by non-conducting or poorly conducting surfaces”, U.S. Patent US 07/819,3101994.