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International Business Machines Corporation, Volume US5217586 A, Number US 07/819,298 (1993)



The present invention relates to an electropolishing tool for the removal of metal from a workpiece, said electropolishing tool comprising a container means for retaining an electrolytic solution, a cathode assembly in the shape of a pyramid the height of which is adjustable, a power supply means including a negative terminal and a positive terminal with said negative terminal being electrically connectable to said cathode assembly, a plate means for holding the workpiece and for forming an electrical connection to the workpiece, said plate means connected to the positive terminal of said power supply means, and an enclosure means placed over the workpiece leaving only the surface of the workpiece which is to be polished exposed to the electrolytic solution such that when the workpiece is secured to said plate means and said cathode assembly is connected to the negative terminal of said power supply means and is placed over the said enclosure means directly facing the workpiece enclosed therein, that portion of the workpiece exposed to the electrolytic solution undergoes electropolishing.

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Dr. Madhav Datta and Romankiw, L. T., “Electrochemical tool for uniform metal removal during electropolishing”, U.S. Patent US 07/819,2981993.