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Conference Paper


2014 International Conference on Embedded Systems (ICES), p.182-187 (2014)


Cameras, Data Fusion, data fusion algorithm, Dijkstra algorithm, Dijkstra's algorithm, driver information systems, dynamic vehicle routing, eBox, embedded driver assistance system, Embedded systems, Image edge detection, Image processing, Intelligent Transport System, intelligent transportation systems, mathematical model, real time scenario, real time traffic scenario, Real-time systems, roads, Sensor fusion, traffic density, vehicle routing, Vehicles


<p>This paper proposes a prototype of a system that considers the real time traffic scenario on the road to implement dynamic vehicle routing. Conventionally, a path which is shorter in distance is considered to take minimum travel time. However, this need not always be true. Depending upon the traffic density prevailing on the road at the given instant, the travel time may vary. The proposed system is developed with the help of a data fusion algorithm. The data fusion algorithm is prepared based on the information obtained from a mathematical model developed using Dijkstra's Algorithm and from Image Processing based on real time scenario. The entire system is made stand alone by using eBox. At the end of computation, the system provides assistance to the driver in choosing the path that would take minimum time for travel.</p>


cited By 0; Conference of 2014 International Conference on Embedded Systems, ICES 2014 ; Conference Date: 3 July 2014 Through 5 July 2014; Conference Code:109145

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N. Gayathri and Dr. Vijaya Chandrakala K. R. M., “Embedded driver assistance system for effective dynamic vehicle routing”, in 2014 International Conference on Embedded Systems (ICES), 2014, pp. 182-187.