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ISST Journal Mechanical Engineering, Volume 5, Number 1, p.49-57 (2014)



<p>The paper deals with the thermodynamic analysis of complex intercooled recuperated gas turbine cycle. This work is basically&nbsp;energy and exergy analysis of various components of the cycle using the energy and exergy balance approach. Perfoming energy balance&nbsp;in the components helps to estimate the percentage energy loss and first law efficiency of the cycle, while exergy&nbsp;analysis of the cycle gives details about the irreversibi lities, percentage cxergy destroyed and second law efficiencies of&nbsp;components of the cycle. The paper analyses the&nbsp;cooled gas turbine with blade cooling by using air bled from the compressor&nbsp;and utilization of the turbine exhaust for recuperation purpose. The estimation of exergy destruction inefficiencies&nbsp;of the cycle&nbsp;comronents have been found for gas turbtnc exhaust gas ( 16. 95%) followed by combustion-chamber (8.30%) and<br />
thereafter&nbsp;for gas turbine (7.70%). The sum of exergy&nbsp;destruction in the cycle is around 48%.</p>

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S. NIT, Kumari, A., Sahu, M. Kumar, and Nitin Kumar, “Energy and Exergy Analysis of Complex Intercooled-Recuperated Gas Turbine based Power Plant with Cooled Turbine Blades”, ISST Journal Mechanical Engineering, vol. 5, pp. 49-57, 2014.