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Conference Paper


International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing, ICCSP 2016, (2016)


The paper describes an Energy - Efficient Resource Allocation protocol for Wavelength-Routed All-Optical WDM Networks. Protocol selects efficient and low power consumption optimal primary and backup paths. The path selection will be done by Central Management System (CMS). The selection will be by two methods, i.e., the path with less number of free wavelengths will not be considered for selection of optimal path, will be used as backup path because after serving all the requests on this link the link becomes completely free, all the links where the links are completely free can be put it off to save operational power consumption. In the remaining paths the path where the blocking probability (BP) is less will be considered as optimal path. With this efficient path selection protocol power consumption across the network will be reduced because of link switching off technique. The protocol increases the throughput over the network because of selecting optimal path by using BP and as there is no dedicated path is blocked for backup purpose. The path with link off will be used as backup path in case of requirement. The links will active/put-on again with an interrupt, this interrupt will be generated either when optimal path fails or when there is only one path exist to serve the request. Our protocol results shows high throughput with low blocking probability and power consumption in comparison with shortest path & fixed path protocols

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Dr. T. K. Ramesh and Konda, S. K., “Energy - Efficient Resource Allocation in WDM Networks”, in International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing, ICCSP 2016,, 2016.