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Conference Paper


ESA (2007)


This paper proposes a process aware selective placement scheme for N-way set associative cache with the help of a victim set. In this work, we consider the data cache subsystem, as it is one of the most power consuming micro-architectural parts of an embedded system and set associative cache, being one of the popular mapping schemes for data cache. We propose an energy efficient selective placement scheme to reduce tag comparison using victim set. We show that, this scheme has reduced the tag comparison by 70% as compared to conventional caching scheme.

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B. K. Raveendran, Sudarshan, T. S. B., Patil, A., Randive, K. B., and Gurunarayanan, S., “An Energy Efficient Selective Placement Scheme for Set-Associative Data Cache in Embedded System.”, in ESA, 2007.