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Conference Paper


Asian Language Processing (IALP), 2010 International Conference on, IEEE, p.253-256 (2010)


Many automatic word alignment techniques have been so far developed in Natural Language Processing (NLP). However, word alignment between English and Hindi has not progressed much due to two main reasons viz. complex structure of the participating languages and the scarcity of Hindi-language resources. This paper provides a corpus-augmented method of word alignment in which these limitations have been overcome. We see this work as an improved approach in establishing a word alignment algorithm with scarce resources for Indian languages in general and for English-Hindi in particular.


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E. Venkataramani and Dr. Deepa Gupta, “English-hindi automatic word alignment with scarce resources”, in Asian Language Processing (IALP), 2010 International Conference on, 2010, pp. 253-256.