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Journal Article


ECS Electrochemistry Letters, Volume 1, Number 4, p.A63-A65 (2012)



Triclinic α-LiVOPO4 that was prepared at 500°C by citric acid assisted sol-gel technique revealed uniform carbon coating and inter-agglomerate voids/pore-like morphologies from XRD, TG/DTA, SEM, FE-TEM and BET studies. When tested for Li-ion insertion properties, α-LiVOPO4/C cathode delivered an initial discharge capacity of 163 mAh/g (98% of theoretical value) at C/20 rate with impressive capacity retentions until 50 cycles attributed to the combined contributions of surface coating and porous structure that serve as facile electrical conduits for ion/electron transport.

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B. Joseph Paul, Mathew, V., Do, G. Xuan, Kang, J. - W., Gim, J., Rai, A. Kumar, Singh, N. Kumar, Song, J., and Kim, J., “Enhanced Storage Capacities in Carbon-Coated Triclinic-LiVOPO4 Cathode with Porous Structure for Li-Ion Batteries”, ECS Electrochemistry Letters, vol. 1, pp. A63-A65, 2012.