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Conference Proceedings


Progress in Intelligent Computing Techniques: Theory, Practice, and Applications, Springer Singapore, Volume 719, Singapore, p.443-454 (2018)





The characteristics of Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) like error and reordering degrades the performance of TCP-based applications. Among the many proposals to reduce the impact of non-congestion events, TCP-NCE has been designed as the unified solution to discriminate between non-congestion and congestion events, and to respond to the events. Our initial analysis on TCP-NCE and other schemes (TCP-DCR and SACK-TCP) showed that the existing schemes including TCP-NCE fail to improve end-to-end performance in the presence of congestion, error, and reordering due to mobility and multipath routing. To overcome this problem, we designed ``Enhanced TCP NCE'' protocol to reduce the false differentiation on non-congestion events and to optimize the response procedure to those events. Our simulation results showed that the enhancement increased the performance by 15–20{%} over TCP-NCE. In addition, the consistency in yielding the higher performance throughout the simulation is observed for our protocol

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Govindarajan J., Vibhurani, N., and Kousalya, G., “Enhanced TCP NCE: A Modified Non-Congestion Events Detection, Differentiation and Reaction to Improve the End-to-End Performance Over MANET”, Progress in Intelligent Computing Techniques: Theory, Practice, and Applications, vol. 719. Springer Singapore, Singapore, pp. 443-454, 2018.