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Journal Article


Procedia Engineering, Volume 144, Number Supplement C, p.1015 - 1022 (2016)



entrainment, Stick – slip oscillators, synchronisation


Abstract This work investigates the entrainment and synchronisation in stick – slip oscillators. A spring – mass placed on a uniformly moving belt in the presence of friction is taken as the model and a cubic Stirbeck friction curve is considered. The entrainment of the oscillator is studied both in its stick – slip phase and pure slip phase. It is seen that entrainment in stick – slip phase is realized by gradually eliminating the stick phase; the entrained oscillator undergoes pure slip oscillations. But in pure slip phase, external force introduces a stick phase which gradually disappears on total entrainment. It is also shown that entrainment in both phases is accompanied by a decrease in oscillator amplitude. It is further shown that the critical force needed for entrainment is higher in the stick – slip phase than in the pure slip one. In coupled stick – slip oscillators, detuning is considered in belt velocities and here too mutual synchronisation is accompanied by decrease in amplitude.

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C. Jacob, Eldhose, P. B., and B. Balaram, “Entrainment and Synchronization of Stick – Slip Oscillators”, Procedia Engineering, vol. 144, pp. 1015 - 1022, 2016.