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European Patent Office, Univ Delft Tech, Shantanu Bhowmik, Johannes Aaldert Poulis, Rinze Benedictus, Volume WO2008135540A1, EP1990394A1, Number PCT/EP2008/055449 (2008)



The invention relates to an epoxy resin adhesive comprising a dotation of nano-substances, wherein the nano- substances are selected from the group comprising carbon-fibre nanotubes, carbon nano-fibres, silicate nano powders, and wherein the nano-substances are dispersed in the adhesive with a weight ratio of at least 1% and wherein the nano-substances are carbon-fibre nanotubes having a weight ratio of approximately 2%.

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Shantanu Bhowmik, Poulis, J. A., and Benedictus, R., “Epoxy-resin adhesive and method for bonding using such an epoxy resin adhesive”, U.S. Patent PCT/EP2008/0554492008.