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Journal Article


Economic and political weekly, Volume 52, p.82 (2017)



Oral health is a critical but overlooked component of overall health and well-being. Although there have been impressive advances in both dental technology and in our scientific understanding of oral diseases, significant disparities in both the prevalence of dental disease and access to dental care among population subgroups remain. This paper attempts to elaborate on the nature of oral health equity in India by exploring the process and trajectories of oral health inequity.

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Chandrashekar Janakiram, Basapathy, R., Farheen, T., Dr. R. Venkitachalam, AKALGUD, H., and Kadanakuppe, S., “Equity in Oral Healthcare in India: A Review on Health System Analysis”, Economic and political weekly, vol. 52, p. 82, 2017.