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Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Maxwell Science Publications, Volume 8, Issue 15, p.1762-1765 (2014)



Ergonomics is nothing but the rules governing the workplace. ErgoDesk is the ultimate drug-free way to look after your spine and health. This research provides an interesting and realistic solution towards achieving the goal maintaining good health. Physical stress at the work environment can reduce efficiency of the individuals at work. Ergonomics is described as the rules to be adapted by one, at work environment. The main focus of ergonomics is to reduce the physical stress caused by factors like improper body mechanics, repetitive motor movements, static positions, vibrations, lighting and impact or contact with objects. Henceforth, through this paper, we present a distinct tool called the "ERGODESK", which could be useful for monitoring a computer user's posture and activities. In this study, we present a real time feedback system for detecting people and their postures and generating summaries of postures and activities over a specified period of time. The system runs reliably on different people and under any lighting. The fundamental challenge, to detect the change in user's posture most accurately in the least time, has been analysed and a solution in form of new Quadratic Search Algorithm has been proposed. The system captures an image of the user at regular intervals of time, carries out certain pre-processing steps and then checks for a change in user's posture by comparing it with a reference image acquired previously in series of steps as per the New Quadratic Search algorithm. Then the user is notified about the change of his ergonomic posture.


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A. Baskar, Vasudevan, S. K., Dr. Prakash P, and Suresh, C., “Ergodesk-desktop ergonomics using the new quadratic search algorithm”, Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, vol. 8, no. 15, pp. 1762-1765, 2014.