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Journal Article


Asian J Neurosurg, Volume 11, Issue 3, p.313 (2016)



<p>Esthesioneuroblastoma is a rare tumor arising from the olfactory mucosa of upper respiratory tract. The primary modality of treatment has been surgery with craniofacial resection followed by post-operative radiotherapy. There are only a few reported cases of non-surgical approaches. We report a case of esthesioneuroblastoma with intracranial extension treated with Vincristine, Adriamycin, Cyclophosphamide, Ifosfamide, Etoposide protocol followed by radiation with 5 years of follow-up. This is the first reported case using this chemotherapy schedule. </p>

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S. Boby Thomas, Balasubramaniam, D., Hiran, K. R., Dinesh, M., and Pavithran, K., “Esthesioneuroblastoma with intracranial extension: A non-surgical approach.”, Asian J Neurosurg, vol. 11, no. 3, p. 313, 2016.