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Journal Article


Economic and Political Weekly (ABDC - B Category), Economic and Political Weekly, Volume 52, Issue 19, p.101-108 (2017)


In the early 1990s, India embarked on a series of reforms in its power sector. Years of structural reform and policy changes have had an effect on both the costs and tariffs of electric power. Electricity supply involves both the central and state governments, and given the diversity of geographical conditions, the experience of different states in pricing and cost recovery has been different over the years. The focus of this paper is on how costs and tariffs have evolved for 22 major Indian states from 1975 to 2010, and it attempts to correlate that with policy changes

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Muralee Krishnan C. and Gupta, S., “Evolution of Electricity Tariff in India”, Economic and Political Weekly (ABDC - B Category), vol. 52, no. 19, pp. 101-108, 2017.