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Journal Article


Journal of Applied Mechanics & Materials, Volume 752-753, p.458-465 (2015)



enhancement, friction factor, Heat transfer coefficient, nanofluid, twisted tape


Heat transfer augmentation techniques ultimately results in the reduction of thermal resistance in a conventional heat exchanger by generating higher convective heat transfer coefficient. Present study with the use of Alumina (Al2O3)/water nanofluid and baffled twisted tape inserts in double pipe heat exchanger as compound augmentation technique. Experiments were conducted to evaluate the heat transfer coefficient and friction factor for the flow through the inner tube of heat exchanger in turbulent flow range (8000<Re<60000). The effect of rectangular, circular, triangular baffled twisted tape having twist ratio (y/w) 4.2 and twisted tapes without baffles of twist ratio (y/w) 4.2 and 5.2 were studied. Experiments were conducted for both water and 0.1% volume concentration Alumina/water nanofluid. It is found that the enhancement of heat transfer coefficient by using rectangular baffled twisted tape and nanofluid is about 20%. Performance evaluation criteria were found for water and nanofluid and it was observed that rectangular baffled twisted tape performs better than other twisted tapes.

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P. C. Sreekumar, Krishnamoorthy, K., and Ratheesh, R., “Experimental Analysis on Heat Transfer Enhancement of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger using Alumina/Water Nanofluid and Baffled Twisted Tape Inserts”, Journal of Applied Mechanics & Materials, vol. 752-753, pp. 458-465, 2015.