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Journal Article


Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (2016)


Analysis of variance., Silicon nitride, Stir casting, Taguchi technique, Wear rate


Aluminium alloy (LM25) reinforced with silicon nitride was fabricated by liquid metallurgy route. The fabricated composite was investigated for dry sliding wear behaviour by conducting experiments using pin-on-disc tribometer. Set of experiments were planned using Taguchi’s technique and data analysis was carried out using L27 orthogonal array. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) technique was used to determine the significance of parameter with respect to wear rate. Signal-to-Noise ratio was employed to detect the most and least influential parameter as well as their level of influence. ‘Smaller the wear’ characteristic was chosen for the analysis of dry sliding wear. Results implied that, the load has the primary effect on the wear succeeded by the effect of sliding velocity and sliding distance. Scanning Electronic Microscopic studies were carried out on worn surfaces to understand the wear mechanism.Tribological results indicated that LM25 aluminium alloy could be better utilized as a material for piston, rotor and bearings for long life in low speed applications.

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D. .Bhuvanesh and N, D. Radhika, “Experimental investigation on tribological characteristics of silicon nitride reinforced aluminium metal matrix composites”, Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 2016.