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Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 42, Number 3, p.205-209 (2010)



This paper presents the results of two-phase (immiscible liquids) heat transfer studies, conducted using a spiral plate heat exchanger. Experimental studies were conducted using hot water as the service fluid. The two-phase system of nitrobenzene-water in different mass fractions and flow rates was studied as a cold process fluid. The two phase heat transfer coefficients were correlated with Reynolds numbers, Prandtl number, and by the following equation Nu = a. (Re)b. (Pr)c. (X)d, adopting an approach available in the literature for the two-phase flows. The data obtained from the experimental study are compared with the theoretical predictions. The predicted coefficients showed a spread of ± 15 % in the laminar range. This new correlation for predicting Nusselt number may be used for practical applications. © 2010 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Union of Chemists in Bulgaria.


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Sa Sathiyan, Rangarajan, M., and Ramachandran, Sb, “An experimental study of spiral-plate heat exchanger for nitrobenzene-water two-phase system”, Bulgarian Chemical Communications, vol. 42, pp. 205-209, 2010.