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Book Chapter


Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications, Springer International Publishing, Volume 1, p.127–138 (2016)



With the advent of World Wide Web, plagiarism has become a prime issue in field of academia. A plagiarized document may contain content from a number of sources available on the web and it is beyond any individual to detect such plagiarism manually. This paper focuses on the exploration of soft clustering, via, Fuzzy C Means algorithm in the candidate retrieval stage of external plagiarism detection task. Partial data sets from PAN 2013 corpus is used for the evaluation of the system and the results are compared with existing approaches, via, N-gram and K Means Clustering. The performance of the systems is measured using the standard measures, precision and recall and comparison is done.

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R. N Ravi, Vani, K., and Dr. Deepa Gupta, “Exploration of Fuzzy C Means Clustering Algorithm in External Plagiarism Detection System”, in Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications, vol. 1, Springer International Publishing, 2016, pp. 127–138.