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Indian journal of Public Health Research and Development., Volume 8, Number 3, p.34-39 (2017)


Background of the study: The increasing burden of tobacco-related diseases, particularly oral cancer, in India bears a direct association to the increase in consumption of a wide range of tobacco products. Adolescents are the most vulnerable section of the population exposed to tobacco use. Objective : to explore the extent of use of tobacco use among adolescents, knowledge and attitude of adolescents towards smoking Materials and method: A descriptive survey design was used for the study. The sample consisted of 200 adolescents studying in plus one and plus two of a selected private higher secondary school of Ernakulam District, Kerala. Data were collected using Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) questionnaire. The data obtained was analyzed using descriptive statistics . Results: Out of 200 subjects, 44(22%) subjects used cigarettes even one or two puffs during their life time. Majority 22(50%) of them used tobacco for the first time between the age of 14-15 years. Approximately 22% of the students stated that they live in homes where family members smoke in their presence and nearly half of the students (44%) are around others who smoke in places outside their home. Majority of them 137(68%) have average level of knowledge and 38(19%) have good level of knowledge regarding smoking. More than half of the ever smokers (57.1%) reported that they want to stop the tobacco use but 42.9% said that they don't want to stop tobacco use Conclusion: The findings of the study show that tobacco addiction is emerging as a big threat among adolescents. There is urgent need for implementation of the comprehensive tobacco control program.

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Prof. Sreedevi P. A., Sreejamol M. G., and Joy, F. Elizabeth, “Exploratory Study on Tobacco Use among Adolescents”, Indian journal of Public Health Research and Development., vol. 8, pp. 34-39, 2017.