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Journal Article


International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume 119, Issue 12, p.2787-2810 (2018)


Android application, Asset Mapping. Participatory Rural Appraisal, Community assets, Digital Mapping, Resource mapping


The study mainly focuses on the application of a digital tool in mapping the assets of MGR Colony (also known as Nandhikovil) in Pichanoor Panchayath in South Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. The main objective of the study is to find whether a digital tool like an android application can be an alternative to the conventional mapping method like a sketch mapping on a chart paper. The Android Application is the digital tool developed by the ‘AMMACHI Labs’ exclusively for mapping the assets in and around the rural community using GPS coordinates. The study attempts to find how the digital tool helps in participatory asset mapping among the villagers rather than the memory, the only driving factor of the conventional mapping method. The sample size of the study is six respondents who qualify the functional literacy assessment. The functional literacy assessment in this study focuses on English and is able to understand and handle the features in the android application. Semi structured interviews were conducted to understand the experience of the respondents after the participatory asset mapping exercise. The study is exploratory in nature as it attempts to find whether a digital tool can do simultaneously mapping as well as transect walk. A feature which has not yet offered by any of the PRA tools. This pilot study proposes the further developments in the area of digital mapping with more additional features, user friendly in nature to identify and tap the possibilities in the era of digital world.

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H. J., Kongeseri, S., .M.Menon, B., V, S. J., P, A., and Rao R. Bhavani, “Exploring Digital Tool for Participatory Rural Appraisal Activities”, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, vol. 119, no. 12, pp. 2787-2810, 2018.