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Journal Article


IJELLH (International Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities), Volume 6, Issue 6, p.11 (2018)



Children’s literature, Fear, identity, Individualism, Perspectivism


This paper discusses Katherine Paterson’s novel “Bridge to Terabithia” as a manifesto used to promote the idea of individuality and uniqueness of a person. Through this work, Paterson has brought in elements to establish this as a safe way through which children could process their individual fears in the society. Individuality is something that is growing fainter in a world erected upon strict social traditionalism. This paper puts forward aspects from the book that emphasizes bringing out the true individual in a person, to enjoy the proper manner of life. This paper argues about the limitations put upon an individual as a result of social conformities and at the same time it talks about the way in which this book could be regarded as a fine piece of literature for children to process the realities of life without engaging in them.

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Aswathy Das K V. and MV, K., “Exploring Individuality and Processing Fear in Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Patterson”, IJELLH (International Journal of English Language, Literature in Humanities), vol. 6, no. 6, p. 11, 2018.