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Journal Article


Tourism Planning & Development, Volume 14, Issue 1, p.110-134 (2017)



Agility, Analytics, resilience, revisit intention, Website


The purpose of this paper is to comprehend the causes and outcome of website attractiveness in the travel and tourism context. To address this, we proposed three constructs, namely website analytics, website agility and website resilience, and tried to explore the contribution of each of these constructs to website attractiveness. This study conceptualizes website attractiveness as a very significant component of a travel/tourism website especially from the customer point of view because a customer will continue using the services of particular travel site depending on how responsive the website services are to the needs of the customers. Based on insights from resource-based view theory, supply chain and marketing perspectives, antecedents and consequence of website attractiveness are identified. The partial least squares method was used for exploring the relationship of website attractiveness with proposed antecedents and consequence. Website analytics and website agility positively impacts website attractiveness. Further positive association was also found between website analytics and website agility along with website resilience. Lastly, website attractiveness was found to positively influence website revisit intention of visitors.

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Dr. Santanu Mandal, Souvik Roy, and Amar Raju G., “Exploring the Role of Website Attractiveness in Travel and Tourism: Empirical Evidence from the Tourism Industry in India”, Tourism Planning & Development, vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 110-134, 2017.