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Journal Article


Applied Soft Computing, Volume 4, Number 2, p.109 - 119 (2004)



Duffing’s equation, Dynamic fuzzy logic system, Lyapunov synthesis


The dynamic fuzzy logic system (DFLS) consists of static fuzzy logic system added with a dynamic element—the integrator—with a feedback constant α. It was shown to possess the important universal approximation capability. Further, Lee and Vukovich developed \{DFLS\} based stable indirect adaptive control scheme via Lyapunov synthesis approach for a class of non-linear systems of the form ẋ=f(X)+bu. In this paper, this is extended so that now, it can be applied to a larger class of non-linear dynamic systems, i.e., of the form ẋ=f(X)+g(X)u. It was successfully investigated on a chaotic system-modified Duffing’s equation.

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Dr. Oruganti Venkata Ramana Murthy, Bhatt, R. K. P., and Ahmad, N., “Extended dynamic fuzzy logic system (DFLS) based indirect stable adaptive control of non-linear systems”, Applied Soft Computing, vol. 4, pp. 109 - 119, 2004.