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Journal Article


Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, Taylor & Francis, Volume 30, Number 11, p.1198–1200 (1993)


The conversion of plutonium nitrate solution to plutonium oxide via oxalate precipitation route leads to a large volume of oxalate supernatant which contains"'30 mg/dm'of Pu in"'3 mol/dm'HNO, and 0.1 mol/dm'oxalic acid. Plutonium can be recovered from such solutions after the destruction of oxalic acid for which the conventional methods are:(1) Addition of KMn04 and then destroying excess KMnO, by H202.(2) Concentration of the supernatant to high terminal HNO, concentration of 10 mol/dm'at high temperature< 1>. The first method...

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J. N. Mathur, Murali, M. S., Rizvi, G. H., Iyer, R. H., Michael, K. M., KAPOORT, S. C., Ramanujam, A., Badheka, L. P., and Banerji, A., “Extraction chromatographic separation and recovery of plutonium from oxalate supernatant using CMPO”, Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, vol. 30, pp. 1198–1200, 1993.