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Journal Article


Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, Volume 19, p.100339 (2020)



Cyclonic storms, Extreme weather monitoring, Hyperspectral sounding profiles, INSAT-3D, INSAT-3DR


Space-based geostationary operational sounders viz. INSAT-3D and INSAT-3DR equipped with hyperspectral sounding capability provide various retrieved atmospheric parameters. In this study, the observations taken from these satellites are utilized to analyze two recent extreme tropical cyclonic events, ‘FANI’ falling into category 4 hurricane and ‘VARDAH’, under category 2, severe cyclonic storms. Results suggest that these extreme events and their evolution are well captured by the INSAT 3D/3DR observations which includes brightness temperatures of different IR channels, temperature and humidity profiles along with atmospheric stability indices and parameters, precipitable water, geo-potential height etc. Emphasis is given to ensure that INSAT-3D/3DR are well equipped to monitor and assess such extreme events with a good measure. This analysis projects them as potential utility to assist studies on atmospheric thermodynamics of short-lived extreme environments. The goal of this work is to demonstrate the scope of new generation geostationary satellites with hyperspectral data products in benefiting now casting or real-time weather monitoring program.

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Jyotirmayee Satapathy, “Extreme cyclonic storm monitoring using INSAT-3D/3DR-hyperspectral sounder observations”, Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, vol. 19, p. 100339, 2020.