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Journal Article


Tetrahedron letters, Elsevier, Volume 40, Number 4, p.767–770 (1999)



Low valent titanium mediated cleavage of Npropargyl bonds offers a facile, mild, and high yielding method for the deprotection of amines under neutral conditions. The methodology could be used for the chemoselective removal of propargyl groups from amines in preference to the allyl/benzyl counterparts and can be performed chemoselectively in the presence of methoxy, methylenedioxy, and chloro functionalities.

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S. Rele, Talukdar, S., and Banerji, A., “A facile radical induced selective removal of N-propargyl protecting groups using low valent titanium reagents”, Tetrahedron letters, vol. 40, pp. 767–770, 1999.