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Journal Article


International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research (ICGITS 2013), Volume 4, Number 8, Kerala, India (2013)



The reliability and stability of a power system depends to a great extent on the efficiency of busbar protection scheme. The proposed protection scheme makes use of curvelet transform based analysis. Curvelet transform overcomes the weakness of wavelets in higher dimensions and will better capture the curve singularities and hyper plane singularities of high dimensional signals. The detail and fine coefficients of curvelets are strongly orientation sensitive, which is a useful property for detecting curves in signals. The proposed algorithm was tested using the busbar modeled in Simulink and simulating various fault conditions. The signal analysis was done by using wrapping based fast discrete curvelet transform. Results presented in this paper showed the capability of implementing a busbar protection
scheme using the proposed approach

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K. P., Dr. P. Kanakasabapathy, and G., R., “Fault Analysis and Digital Protection of Busbars Using Curvelet Transform Based Approach”, International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research (ICGITS 2013), vol. 4, 2013.