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Conference Paper


TENCON 2003. Conference on Convergent Technologies for Asia-Pacific Region (2003)



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control algorithm robustness, end-effector, Equations, Fault tolerance, fault tolerant operation, Hydraulic actuators, Leg, manipulators, massively parallel binary system, Mechanical engineering, microactuator arrays, Microactuators, parallel manipulator, Redundancy, robust control, Springs, Stewart platform, Trajectory, trajectory tracking


A Stewart platform, in its most general form, is a parallel manipulator with six linear actuators, connected to the base and the end-effector with spherical joints. The concept of massively parallel binary system (MPBS) is realized by using legs consisting of a very large number of binary actuators. Current focus is on the design of the one-dimensional MPBS where a set of actuators is connected in parallel to a body along the x-axis only. The paper presents the robustness of a control algorithm for 1D MPBS under the fault condition. It was possible to track a specified trajectory with acceptable performance when some actuators stop functioning in mid-process.

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Dr. Oruganti Venkata Ramana Murthy, Panda, A. K., Mukherjee, S., and Kar, I. N., “Fault tolerant operation of one dimensional MPBS”, in TENCON 2003. Conference on Convergent Technologies for Asia-Pacific Region, 2003.