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Journal Article


ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Volume 11, Number 23, p.13594 – 13598 (2016)



B-spline approximation, collocation method, eighth order bvp, numerical solution.


An easy to implement FEM based collocation method is proposed to solve a special case eighth order boundary
value problem. By the proposed method, numerical results canbe obtained not only for the solution but also for derivatives
of the solution. Ninth degree B-splines are used as basis functions to approximate the solution. These functions are
changed into a set of new functions with the help of boundary conditions. The proposed method with the new set of Bsplines gives a stable system of linear equation in the unknown parameters which are used to approximate the solution and
its derivatives. To test the efficiency of the method, some numerical examples which are available in literature are solved
using the proposed method. The obtained results are in good agreement with the exact solutions.

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M. Krishna Panthangi, “Fem Based Collocation Method For Solving Eighth Order Boundary Value Problems Using B-Splines”, ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, vol. 11, pp. 13594 – 13598, 2016.