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Journal Article


Procedia Engineering, Elsevier, Volume 127, p.301–308 (2015)



The finite element method of solution with optimal subparametric higher-order curved triangular elements is used to solve the 3-D fully developed Darcy–Brinkman flow equation through channel of irregular cross-section. Extensive numerical computation and numerical experimentation are done using the quadratic, cubic, quartic and quintic order triangular elements, which reveals that the parameters’ influence on the velocity distributions are qualitatively similar for all the cross-sections irrespective of whether they are of regular or irregular cross-sections. The quintic order curved triangular element yields the solution of a desired accuracy of 10-6. The method can be easily employed in any other irregular cross-section channels.

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Dr. V. Kesavulu Naidu, Siddheshwar, P. G., and Dr. K.V. Nagaraja, “Finite Element Solution of Darcy–Brinkman Equation for Irregular Cross-Section Flow Channel Using Curved Triangular Elements”, Procedia Engineering, vol. 127, pp. 301–308, 2015.