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Journal Article


Marine Biodiversity, Volume 46, Number 2, p.495–498 (2016)



Colossendeis colossea, Gigantic pycnogonid, Western Indian Ocean


<p>The gigantic pycnogonid, Colossendeis colossea Wilson, 1881 is reported for the first time in the Western Indian Ocean. Two male specimens of this species were collected from a bottom trawl operated at bathyal depths (&gt;1000&nbsp;m) off the Southwest coast of India.</p>

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J. Vinu, Kumar, M. P. Rajeesh, Sumod, K. S., K, D., Hashim, M., Sanjeevan, V. N., and Sudhakar, M., “First record of deep-sea gigantic pycnogonid Colossendeis colossea Wilson, 1881 from the Western Indian Ocean”, Marine Biodiversity, vol. 46, pp. 495–498, 2016.