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Journal of Surgical Technique and Case Report, Volume 4, Number 1, p.19-21 (2012)



article, cancer surgery, clinical article, diet, flap hitching technique, human, mandible, mouth cancer, mouth cavity, mucosa, outcome assessment, plastic surgery, priority journal, skin flap, surgical approach, surgical technique, suture, tooth, Wound healing


Objectives: After resection of the tumors of oral cavity adjacent to the mandible, it is a common situation that the whole of one side of the gingival mucosal segment has to be stripped off the mandible to get an adequate margin. When a cutaneous flap is used for reconstruction, it has to be hitched to the teeth to get a watertight seal. We describe a technique to hitch the flap to the adjacent teeth in such an instance. Materials and Methods: The technique was applied in 10 patients with oral cancer, resected, and reconstructed with cutaneous flaps. Results: The technique was found to be effective in all 10 patients. Adequate seal was obtained in all patients. Oral diet was started within 7 days. Conclusion: An effective and simple technique to approximate a cutaneous flap to the teeth-bearing mandible, when all the mucosa is removed as part of oncological resection, is reported.


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Ka Thankappan, Iyer, Sa, Rajapurkar, Ma, Sharma, Ma, and Subash, Pb, “Flap hitching technique to the teeth after oral cancer resection”, Journal of Surgical Technique and Case Report, vol. 4, pp. 19-21, 2012.