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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Volume 530, p.275-286 (2016)



Analysis of various, Automation, Education, Equipment testing, Hardware resources, Intelligent buildings, Intelligent systems, Landslide detection, Middleware, Middleware frameworks, Middleware layer, Students, Technical expertise, Usage statistics, Web interface


Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are also being actively researched and learned as part of graduate and undergraduate technical disciplines as they are being applied in variety of fields such as landslide detection, smart home monitoring etc. It is essential for the students to learn the WSN concepts through experimentation. But it needs a lot of time, hardware resources and technical expertise to design, program, setup, and maintain these experiments. A shared remote triggered (RT) WSN test-bed which can be accessed, controlled, monitored through internet would be of great help for many students to learn these concepts quickly without any setup at their end. Our RT WSN test-bed consists of 11 experiments, each deigned to explore a particular WSN concept. Each experiment consisting of a WSN setup, a web interface for user input and results, and middleware layer to communicate between web and WSN [1, 2, and 3]. In this paper we present the architecture of our flexible and extensible middleware framework; a single code base supporting all the experiments which can be easily extended for any other WSN experiment just by configuring. We also illustrate the success of our system through the analysis of various usage statistics. © Springer International Publishing AG 2016.


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R. Guntha, Sangeeth, K., and Dr. Maneesha V. Ramesh, “Flexible Extensible Middleware Framework for Remote Triggered Wireless Sensor Network Lab”, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol. 530, pp. 275-286, 2016.

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