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Journal Article


Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry, Volume 2018, p.2654127 (2018)



Fluorescence sensing and imaging combined with fluorescence microscopy technology has revolutionized human ability to study and visualize complex life phenomena at the molecular level to understand the cellular events with least ambiguity. Being a simple, fast, direct detection system with real-time monitoring capability, fluorescence sensing is highly demanding for in vitro as well as in vivo analysis in the recent time. In this special issue, we aim to create a platform for introducing the recent advances in the field of fluorescence-based analysis and imaging techniques.

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S. Singha, Kim, D., Bhuniya, S., and Kumeria, T., “Fluorescence Analysis: From Sensing to Imaging.”, Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry, vol. 2018, p. 2654127, 2018.