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Journal Article


Chemical Communications, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Volume 49, p.7141-7143 (2013)



We present the design{,} synthesis{,} optical properties and in vitro biological assessments of the theranostic prodrug 6 in which a near IR fluorophore is conjugated with a cancer cell-directing biotin unit; further it is linked with the anti-cancer drug gemcitabine via a self-immolative spacer{,} a disulfide bond. The prodrug 6 is able to monitor drug delivery and cellular imaging.

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S. Bhuniya, Lee, M. Hee, Jeon, H. Mi, Han, J. Hye, Lee, J. Hong, Park, N., Maiti, S., Kang, C., and Kim, J. Seung, “A fluorescence off-on reporter for real time monitoring of gemcitabine delivery to the cancer cells”, Chemical Communications, vol. 49, pp. 7141-7143, 2013.