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Journal Article


Chem. Commun., The Royal Society of Chemistry, p.7128-7130 (2009)



<p>A coumarin-based derivative (1){,} a highly selective and sensitive turn-on fluorogenic probe for the detection of HSO4- ions in aqueous solution{,} has been designed and synthesized. Various spectroscopic and DFT calculations revealed that H-bonding between the phenolic -OH and imine nitrogen of 1 played a crucial role in its high selectivity for HSO4-.</p>

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H. Jung Kim, Bhuniya, S., Mahajan, R. Kumar, Puri, iv, R., Liu, H., Ko, K. Chul, Lee, J. Yong, and Kim, J. Seung, “Fluorescence turn-on sensors for HSO4-”, Chem. Commun., pp. 7128-7130, 2009.