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Journal Article


Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 160, Number 1, p.1489 - 1493 (2011)



DFT calculations


<p>A naphthalimide-based water soluble Zn2+ sensor bearing polyamino carboxylate as a metal chelating moiety was synthesized and its application for the selective detection of Zn2+ ion in 100% aqueous solution is demonstrated. The newly developed fluorescent sensor exhibits selective binding affinity towards Zn2+ and pH insensitivity in biologically relevant range. Confocal fluorescent microscopy images indicate that this probe works effectively for intracellular Zn2+ imaging with high cell permeability.</p>

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S. Lee, Lee, J. Hong, Pradhan, T., Lim, C. Su, Cho, B. Rae, Bhuniya, S., Kim, S., and Kim, J. Seung, “Fluorescent turn-on Zn2+ sensing in aqueous and cellular media”, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, vol. 160, pp. 1489 - 1493, 2011.