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Conference Paper


2020 Third International Conference on Smart Systems and Inventive Technology (ICSSIT) (2020)



Batteries, Boats, Distributed power generation, Economic viability, electric ships, electric transport, electric vessel, Electric vessels, energy production, Floating photovoltaic (FPV), foldable floating solar array, Foldable floating solar array (FFSA), fossil-based transportation, microgrid concept, MPPT, Photovoltaic systems, power generation economics, power generation reliability, reliable solution, Renewable energy, Reservoirs, Ships, Solar cell arrays, Solar energy, solar farms, Solar photovoltaic system (SPVS), solar power stations


This paper introduces the concept of the foldable floating solar array (FFSA) for electric vessels. As being moved from fossil-based transportation to fumeless mode, going electric is the most preferred way based on efficiency and economic viability. With an increased demand for electric transport, the number of electric ships and boats has gone up. With this increase, there is more need for energy production to fulfill the demands. To tackle this problem sustainably, integration of renewable energy with electric vessels is focused in this paper, for that the idea of a foldable floating solar array is proposed. This product is based on pre-existing technologies of floating solar farms, overhead charging and microgrid concept in an electric vessel. Such technologies provide an efficient and reliable solution to problems. In this paper, the insight about the product, its design, application, and the challenges faced are detailed. The overall system is demonstrated by using the MATLAB/Simulink model. The performance of FFSA is evaluated. The design and analysis of FFSA are detailed in this.

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M. Tiwari, Sruthy V., and P. K. Preetha, “Foldable Floating Solar Array for Electric Vessel”, in 2020 Third International Conference on Smart Systems and Inventive Technology (ICSSIT), 2020.