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Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Pharmainfo Publications, Volume 10, Issue 8, p.2079-2083 (2018)



Aspirin, Buccal drug delivery system, Fast dissolving buccal patch, Sodium starch glycolate


The aim of this work is to prepare an immediate release heterolithic buccal patch of aspirin. Solvent casting method has been used to formulate the fast dissolving buccal patch using FDA approved materials. The use of various excipients for providing optimum patch properties, such as heterolithic nature, super disintegration leading to dissolution of the patch has been analyzed. The problems related to hygroscopicity, disintegration time and residence time have been optimized by varying the excipients. The drug content analysis has been carried out and the patch with 50% sodium starch glycolate (SSG) as a super-disintegrant and 80% lactose as solubility enhancer has shown maximum release of the entire drug content within first 5 min as compared to the one with 30% SSG and 80% lactose. Based on the physicochemical characteristics such as appearance, flexibility, drug content and disintegration, FDAP3 and FDAP4 have been selected for further studies. The in vitro studies were carried out and from the drug release profiles, FDAP4 has been considered as the best formulation. From this study, it is apparent that optimum concentration of SSG along with other ingredients are required to produce the required immediate release of sparingly soluble drug like aspirin from buccal patch. © 2018, Pharmainfo Publications. All rights reserved.


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J. Rajeev, Mukundan, S., Raj, K. S. Bimal, Dhanaja, V. P., Subburaj, T., and Dr. Kaladhar Kamalasanan, “Formulation of a novel immediate release heterolithic buccal patch of aspirin”, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, vol. 10, no. 8, pp. 2079-2083, 2018.