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Conference Proceedings


International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, ESRSA Publications, Volume 2(6), p.3157-3161 (2013)



Image Fusion is the process of combining relevant information from two or more images into a single image. This study presents a concept of image pixel fusion of visual and thermal faces, which helps to improve the overall performance of a face recognition system. Several factors are there which affect the face recognition performance such as pose variations, facial expression changes, occlusions etc. So, image pixel fusion of thermal and visual images is a solution to overcome the drawbacks present in the individual thermal and visual face images. Human face recognition is a challenging task and its domain of applications is very vast, covering different areas like security systems, defense applications, and intelligent machines.

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N. S. Babu and Dr. Bhagavathi Sivakumar P., “Fusion Techniques For Thermal And Visual Face Images”, International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, vol. 2(6). ESRSA Publications, pp. 3157-3161, 2013.