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Journal Article


International Journal of Performability Engineering, Totem Publisher, USA, Volume 12, Number 1, p.55–62 (2016)



Cloud service providers, Fuzzy, Fuzzy Inference system, hierarchical trust framework, Infrastructure as a service


Cloud Computing has emerged as a paradigm to deliver on demand resources such as infrastructure and applications to customers as per their requirements on a subscription basis. Due to an exponential increase in the number of service providers, customers need a basis to make a judicious choice of a cloud offering. Thus to assist customers in selecting a most trustworthy cloud provider, a unified trust evaluation framework is needed. In this paper, a hierarchical trust model has been proposed to rate the service providers and their various plans for infrastructure as a service. Such a trust ranking mechanism will help the consumers to compare and rank alternative service providers based on their requirements.


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Dr. Supriya M., Sangeeta, K., and , “A Fuzzy based Hierarchical Trust Framework to rate the Cloud Service Providers based on Infrastructure Facilities”, International Journal of Performability Engineering, vol. 12, pp. 55–62, 2016.